2nd piece in my collection ! - Une Vie - now framed and hanging beautifully in my master ensuite where I take it in every morning and let it remind me of the wonder and preciousness of life's journey... with much gratitude to Gabrielle

- Colomba

“I’ve never been much of an art collector only because I never got around to it, but I finally decided to start. Anyone who collects anything knows that it is a process and so I decided to take it slow. After several years of exploring and enjoying I decided to start my collection with two gorgeous modern batik pieces from Gabrielle’s body of work titled ‘Soul Sister’ and ‘Une Vie’. Both now hang gracefully in my apartment spreading color and inspiration to all. They give my soul a little nudge and lift me up every time I so much as even glance at them. I will cherish them for years and know that I started my collection in the right place. Looking forward to adding more… Thank you Gabrielle!”

- Colomba

Gabrielle clearly immersed herself in a commission request to recreate my novel's cover, Take One With You, for a charity raffle at my book launch. Gabrielle's piece was slotted as the Grand Prize, causing amazing pre-event buzz, as well as being the focal point during the party. Much thanks Gabrielle!

- Oak Anderson

Gabrielle Lasporte is an artistic guru in her unique Modern Batik style of work and graphic illustrations. She takes direction well and is open to feedback which is key for me and working with her has been a pleasure. What she produced for me for the City of Toronto's festival, Samsara for the International Indian Film Awards was exactly what I had envisioned and the scale of the project (the grounds of the Rogers Centre) did not intimidate her.

I commissioned her to create a work of the ocean in my home that had scale and vibrancy; evoking a specific feeling and memory of my experience with the body of water and she delivered a piece that went well beyond my expectations. I love seeing the piece every day, that and the film awards design brought me nothing but joy.

- Umbereen

I too have started collecting original pieces. I now have 4 batiks by Gabrielle. The first was "La Diablesse" a combination of modern batik and wood burning. I fell in love with this piece instantly, and knew I had to have it!! The colours, textures, and attention to detail have been a great topic of conversation, with all whom we entertain in our dining room. The second piece, "Crête Bleu" was a commission. I had a wall that was calling for something truly special. I knew that i wanted some colour, and something reminiscent of water. Gabrielle's other works along this vein are all so stunning, but I needed something larger to really command attention in the room. With very little direction, she produced the masterpiece that now hangs in our living room, and catches everyones attention as soon as they enter our home. I've also added two smaller pieces...."flow orange" and "flow blue" ...just because I couldn't resist. I'm addicted!!

- Rosemary

Thank you for the gorgeous batik. I can't tell you how happy it makes me!

- Helen

Don't know why I thought 'Soleil Tribal' was gone for good, but I guess some things are meant to be! This piece has touched my spirit, and I'm grateful.

- Sylvia